National Semiconductor LMC6041IN CMOS Single Micropower Op Amp DIP8 OM0195R


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Genuine National part, see photographs – these are the actual chips for sale

General Description
Ultra-low power consumption and low input-leakage current
are the hallmarks of the LMC6041. Providing input currents
of only 2 fA typical, the LMC6041 can operate from a single
supply, has output swing extending to each supply rail, and
an input voltage range that includes ground.
The LMC6041 is ideal for use in systems requiring ultra-low
power consumption. In addition, the insensitivity to latch-up,
high output drive, and output swing to ground without requiring external pull-down resistors make it ideal for singlesupply battery-powered systems.
Other applications for the LMC6041 include bar code reader
amplifiers, magnetic and electric field detectors, and handheld electrometers.
This device is built with National’s advanced Double-Poly
Silicon-Gate CMOS process.
See the LMC6042 for a dual, and the LMC6044 for a quad
amplifier with these features.

: Low supply current: 14 µA (Typ)
: Operates from 4.5V to 15.5V single supply
: Ultra low input current: 2 fA (Typ)
: Rail-to-rail output swing
: Input common-mode range includes ground

: Battery monitoring and power conditioning
: Photodiode and infrared detector preamplifier
: Silicon based transducer systems
: Hand-held analytic instruments
: pH probe buffer amplifier
: Fire and smoke detection systems
: Charge amplifier for piezoelectric transducers

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