National Semiconductor MM74C175N Quad D-Type Flip-Flop 16 PDIP MBD009H


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MM74C175N 16-Lead Plastic Dual-In-Line Package (PDIP)
Quad D-Type Flip-Flop
General Description
The MM74C175N consists of four positive-edge triggered D-
type flip-flops implemented with monolithic CMOS technol-
ogy. Both are true and complemented outputs from each
flip-flop are externally available. All four flip-flops are con-
trolled by a common clock and a common clear. Informa-
tion at the D-type inputs meeting the set-up time
requirements is transferred to the Q outputs on the posi-
tive-going edge of the clock pulse. The clearing operation,
enabled by a negative pulse at Clear input, clears all four Q
outputs to logical “0” and Q’s to logical “1”.
All inputs are protected from static discharge by diode
clamps to VCC and GND
■ Wide supply voltage range: 3V to 15V
■ Guaranteed noise margin: 1.0V
■ High noise immunity: 0.45 VCC (typ.)
■ Low power TTL compatibility: Fan out of 2 driving 74L
For datasheet search…MM74C175N

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large Milspec type OEM and have been kept in storage for some years, THE ATTACHED PAPERWORK SUGGESTS THEY HAVE BEEN SOCKETED AND TEMPERATURE TESTED TO ‘BURN IN’  –  BEYOND THEIR STATED RANGE.

They to are date coded 1982-83 we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. They are however in good serviceable condition, and we guarantee them to function perfectly, the photographs are of one of the batch we have in stock and are representative of their general condition. 


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