NEC D70F3033AGC 32/16 BIT Single Chip Microcontroller with Flash Memory OMA036


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The MPD70F3033AGC-8FU is a 32-/16-bit single-chip microcontroller of the V850 FamilyTM for AV equipment. 32-bit CPU, ROM, RAM, timer/counters, serial interfaces, A/D converter, DMA controller, and so on are integrated on a single chip. 

They have flash memory in place of the internal mask ROM of the µPD703033A and 703033AY. 

Because flash memory allows the program to be written and erased electrically with the device mounted on the board, these products are ideal for the evaluation stages of system development, small-scale production, and rapid development of new products.

100-pin plastic LQFP (fine pitch) (14 × 14)      Flash memory (256 KB)

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These are stored with us in the original Onkyo service part boxes in which we received them 

Onkyo part no. 22241573R3M69

Purchasers will receive their chip correctly packed in anti static packaging.



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