NEC/TOKIN UB2-5NE 5V Coil Double Pole Change Over Relay 250V 1A 10 Pieces OM0305


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5VDC coil 

10 Pieces

Surface Mount Relay (you will receive a cut length of SM tape containing the quantity ordered)

Legs are bent to 90′ for PCB mounting/flow soldering, but are easily manipulated to suit hobbyist use.

10 pieces (on tape)

Type UB2-5NE

NEC TOKIN UA2/UB2 relay is a new generation miniature signal relay, super-compact and slim.
Small mounting size of slim package for dense mounting
Telcordia (2500 V) and FCC (1500 V) surge capacity
IEC60950/UL1950/EN60950 spacing and high breakdown voltage
(Basic insulation class on 200 V working voltage)
Low power consumption (100-140 mW)
Electronic switching systems, PBX, Terminal equipment, Telephone system

Product Category:
Low Signal Relays – PCB
Relay Contact Form:  2 Form C (DPDT-NO, NC)
Mounting Style:   SMD/SMT
Switching 220VDC 250VAC 1A

Max 30W 37.5VA

Super Compact Size 10.6mm X 5.7mm X 8mm

We have these in stock packed on auto insertion reels of 1600 pieces. 

The photographs above display the relays as they will come to you still on the auto insertion tape, we have also included one showing them out of their packaging tape so that their type no. and leg style can be clearly seen. 

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