NEC UD2-3NU 3VDC SM. Min. Non Latching Relay 10 pieces OL0716


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NEC Relay Part no. UD2-3NU

10 pieces

Packed on reel

3VDC 1A 140mW

2 Pole Change Over


NEC TOKIN’s UD2 relay is a new generation miniature signal relays of super


 compact and low profile package.



• Small mounting size and low profile package.

• Telcordia (2500 V surge coil to contacts) and FCC (1500 V) surge capability.

• IEC60950/UL1950/EN60950 spacing and high breakdown voltage.

(Basic insulation class on 200 V working voltage)

• Low power consumption 140 mW




Electronic switching systems, PBX, terminal equipment, telephone. 

Low profile surface mount signal relay

Low magnetic interference

Breakdown voltage: 1 000 VAC (surge voltage 1 500 V), FCC Part 68 conformable

 UL recognized (E73266), CSA certified (LR 46266)

 Lineup in non-latch, single-coil latch and double-coil latch types

 Lineup in minimum footprint (9.3 × 14.3), and high solder joint reliability (20 years) types

 Lineup in low profile type (hight : 6.5 mm), and Ultra-low profile (hight : 5.6 mm)


Electronic switching systems, PBX, key telephone systems, automatic test equipment and other electronic equipment.

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