Okaya Surge Absorber RA-311P-V6-Y-2 10 pieces OM0392


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Okaya Surge Absorber Part no. RA-311P-V6-Y-2 

10 pieces

Protect electronic circuits from surges etc

 Pitch 5mm

 For datasheet on the RA series copy and paste:- 



1. Fast response time.

 2. This Surge Absorber is bipolar. The device will fail open if the surge withstand capability is exceeded. 

3. Inter-terminal capacity is extremely small, resulting in little influence on electronic circuits. 

4. High insulation resistance (1X109 ohms or more). 

5. Repeatable – may be used up to 300 times at 500A (8/20µs). 

6. Small size allows soldering together with resistors or other electronics components. 

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