Omron D2MQ-1L Ultra Miniature Lever Microswitch 0.5A 24VDC 1 piece V7L OM0612


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OMRON Ultra Miniature Microswitch D2MQ-1L

1 piece 

V7L (BJ code)

 0.5A 24VDC 

Swiching capacity 30VDC 0.5A 

Leaf lever Operation Single Pole Double Throw 

 Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch D2MQ-1L

Snap-action Switch with Ultra Subminiature Size 6.5×8.2×2.7 mm (H×W×D)) and Light Weight (0.3 g)

  •  Operating Force Max:0.59N
  •  Excellent electrical characteristics and a snap action mechanism in spite of its ultra small size.

Ideal for applications where size is extremely limited and high reliability is demanded.

Sub-miniature Size Ideal for PCB mounting 

Mounting (8×6×2.2mm (W×H×D))

■ Incorporating a snapping mechanism made with two highly precise split springs that ensures a long durability.

■ Using Insertion moulded terminals and a two-stage bottom with different levels prevent flux penetration.

Meets a wide range of applications, including

home appliances, audio equipment, office

machines, and communications equipment.


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