Omron Relay G7L-UA-006015 24VDC Coil 20A 277VAC/120VAC DPNO OM0356


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Omron Relay 2 Pole Normally Open


24VDC Coil 20A 277VAC/120VAC

A 24VDC Coil Power relay marked:-20A 277VAC (RES)

20A277VAC (GEN)

20A 120VAC (GEN)

1.3KW 120VAC (T)

1 HP 120VAC

2 HP 277VAC

TV-8 120VAC

20A 240VAC Cos # 1

20A 240VAC Cos # 0.4

20A 120VAC Cos # 0.4

Contacts marked:

0 and 1 (24VDC Coil contacts) The 2 poles are marked 6 and 8 and 2 and 4. They are normally open.

Double pole normally open, with various approval stamps, RU, SA, CE etcDimensions 51mm L x 34mm W x 36mm H.For full Omron datasheet on  G7L series:- 


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