Onamba 3C-2V Phono Plug to F Type Flexible Lead 190mm Long 5 Pieces OM0797


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F type to Phono Plug Flexible Lead

Onamba Cable type 3C-2V  

190mm long


5 pieces

75Ω impedance, specification of 3C-2V for TV antennaCapacitanceAbout 100nF / kmCharacteristic impedance75 ± 2Ω (0.8D-2V is 50 ± 4Ω)Wavelength fractional shorteningAbout 67%Insulation resistance10kMΩ-km or moreAttenuation of the maximum allowable value115% of the standard value (0.8D-2V is 125%)

* The color of the PE coating is a standard black.

For manufacturers data on the 3C-2V cable copy and paste:-  http://oyaide.com/catalog/products/p-538.html

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