Panasonic PQLV1E AC Adapter UK 240Vac 3 Pin to 9VDC 500mA Output OL0564


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PQLV1E AC Adaptor

To suit KX-TCD715E and KX-TCD735E Phones

Input: UK Mains Input via 3 Pin Plug on approx 1.8m lead – Jack plug is 12mm Long with a 90 Degree Tip

Output: 9V DC 500mA Via 5.5 Outer Diameter / 2.1mm Inner Diameter jack plug

Linear (Transformer) Style

Please note!: as with many other Panasonic power adapters the output is reversed polarity! ie. the centre pin is negative the outer is positive!

This is the opposite of most other manufacturers.  

These adaptors are brand new but have been kept in storage for some time we have therefore classified them as new other

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