Panorama Antenna TRD 900MHz TRE1800MHz SW3-507-PAD OM0520


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Panorama Antenna 

Type no SW3-507-PAD

TRD  900MHz TRE 1800MHz

Equipped with self adhesive pad to fix to glass/windscreen.

An alcohol swab is also included to facilitate good adhesion when applying the antenna. 

Connection is via  a 2 metre cable type RG174U Mil c-17, terminated in a gold plated push on connector

Unfortunately we cannot find any datasheet for these, our best guess is that they were designed to aid better reception, the paperwork enclosed in the packaging simply shows a mobile phone connected to a laptop, using one of these antennas.

Should anyone have information on these we would be very grateful to receive it, in the meantime we have priced them very reasonably at £2.99 each hopefully to create some interest among the technically minded as an experimental project, please let us know how you get on! 

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