Patterson V Microswitch 15A Push Button Change Over V3P 1 piece OM0607


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Patterson Miniature V3P Microswitch

1 piece

  •  15A 
  • Red Push Button to operate
  • 3 chunky 6mm faston terminals, to receive push on 6mm crimp connectors or could be soldered directly.
  • Changeover operation –
  •  one terminal is marked common the other two are marked 
  • 1)normally open 
  • 2) normally closed 
  • Their function is “changed over” when switch operated. 
  • Service life:   Mechanical 10,000,000 operations
  •                                   Electrical 100,000 operations rated load
  • Dimensions of the black body: 28mm long  9mm high  16mm wide 


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