PCB 1 x ULN2803AN 8x 10.5V Relay 4x 4N35 2x KBU6B TIP31A IRF520 etc. OM0515


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Printed Circuit Board 

Brand new PCB with assortment of retrievable components:-

Carlo Gavazzi Relays MZP A 002 4405 – 10.5 V coil switching 240V 5A 2 poles x 8 pieces

For data sheet on these relays copy and paste:-   https://www.gavazzionline.com/pdf/Mz2p10ae.pdf

Opto chips – Motorola 4N35 x 4 pieces

Voltage Regs KBU 6B x 2 pieces

Philips Electrolytic 2200uf 16v x 2 pieces

Motorola 7805CT x 1

S.T. TIP 31A x 1

Regulator WO4 x 1

Texas ULN2803AN  x 1

Harris IRF520 x 1

Plus various regulators transistors caps diodes etc.

With a soldering iron and a little time all these components can be retrieved and re-used

For datasheet on the relays copy and paste :-    http://www.datasheetarchive.com/dl/48436c9ac767d3528a1ebd97877114fa026911/P/MZP+a+002+47+05

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