PCB Transformer circuit 12v in to 5.8v Output 3 pieces OM1040


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 PCB Transformer circuit 12v in to 5.8v Output

 3 cased units per lot 

(photo shows 2 cased units and the PCB having been removed) 

 Switching Circuit Battery Saver.

A very good quality enclosed PCB transformer unit originally made to provide auxiliary power for a battery operated device made by Ora Electronics, it has a small circuit board inside with a coil transformer, various capacitors, resistors, diodes and semiconductors ie B-772-Y(TO126), KSP2222A, Z440. 

When 12v input is supplied the output is a steady 5.8Volts, – not sure if this is regulated output or not, but for the money why not get a few and experiment with them!  

Feedback from a buyer:

“I am using them to take 12 volt power on a model railway (in Wagons) to power onboard cameras 30mmx10mmx10mm wireless and send back to my PC the view of the track ahead so opened up a neat PCB inside saves me trying to make a 5/6 volt psu”

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