Philips 2222 050 57332 40V 3300uf -40+85’C Electrolytic Capacitor OL0462


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Philips Electrolytic Capacitor 

40V 3300uf 

Philips part no. 2222 050 57332


 • Polarized aluminium electrolytic capacitors, non-solid 

• Large type, cylindrical aluminium case, insulated with a blue sleeve

 • Provided with keyed polarity

 • 050 series with solder-lug (SL)

 • Pressure relief on the top of the aluminium case 

• Charge and discharge proof

 • Very long useful life: 15000 hours at 85 °C

 • Low ESR, high ripple current capability 

• High resistance to shock and vibration.

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co. having been in storage for some time (date coded 9601) we have classified them as ‘new other’. In fact they are held with us still in original sealed packaging and in pristine condition. They are genuine Philips capacitors, and could be easily reformed despite their age. 

Search….  Reforming Electrolytic Capacitors the following is an extract:-

The process of reforming an old aluminum electrolytic capacitor consists of the application of rated voltage, through a resistor, for a period equal to five minutes plus one minute per month of storage.

The electrolytics appearing on the surplus market have often been in storage for a very long period indeed. Some manufacturers use a visible code, of which the first two digits indicate the year of manufacture.

For modern datasheet on the 2222 050 series see equivalent Vishay data 

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