Philips BZG03C10 Zener Diode 10V 3W 5mm SMD Footpad DO214AC OM0182Q 20 Pieces


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Philips BZG03C10 

20 Pieces

Taped and reeled 

General description:

DO-214AC Surface mount package


 • High reliability 

• Voltage 10V 3W

 • Fits onto 5 mm SMD footpads 

• Wave and reflow solderable

 • AEC-Q101 qualified


 Voltage Stabilisation

20 pieces

Zener Voltage Vz Typ:10V
Power Dissipation Pd:3W
Diode Case Style:SMA
No. of Pins:2
Packaging:Cut Tape
Alternate Case Style:DO-214AC
Diode Type:Zener
External Depth:2.5mm
External Length / Height:2.65mm
External Width:5.5mm
Forward Voltage VF Max:1.2V
Junction Temperature Tj Max:150°C
MSL:MSL 1 – Unlimited
Peak Pulse Power:600W
Power Dissipation Max:3W
Power Dissipation Ptot Max:3W
Power Disspation Pd @ Tc = 25C Max:3W
Resistance Rz:4ohm
SMD Marking:BZG03C10 PH
Tape Width:12mm
Test Current:50mA
Zener Current:50mA

The first image above shows the parts as they are packed, ie. on the surface mount tape, the second is a photograph of the actual reel of 535 pieces that we have in stock at time of listing, in the description we also include a generic photo of the DO-214AC surface mount style of package. You will receive a section of surface mount tape cut from the original reel containing the quantity ordered.

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