Philips BZV49-C7V5 General-Purpose Voltage Regulator Diode SOT89 20 pcs OM0181B


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Philips BZV49-C7V5


Surface mount SOT89

20 pieces

You will receive a strip of 20 pieces cut from the original reel.

The first 2 images above are 2 shots of the SOT89 style package in situ on a manufacturers reel, the third is a photograph of the actual reel of 400 we have in stock at time of listing.

For Philips datasheet copy and paste :-


Diode TypeZENER DIODEConfigurationSINGLEDiode Element MaterialSILICONDynamic Impedance-Max80 ohmJESD-30 CodeR-PSSO-F3JESD-609 Codee0Moisture Sensitivity LevelNOT SPECIFIEDNumber of Elements1Number of Terminals3Operating Temperature-Max150 CelPackage Body MaterialPLASTIC/EPOXYPackage ShapeRECTANGULARPackage StyleSMALL OUTLINEPeak Reflow Temperature (Cel)NOT SPECIFIEDPolarityUNIDIRECTIONALPower Dissipation-Max1 WQualification StatusCOMMERCIALReference Voltage-Nom7 V5Sub CategoryVoltage Reference DiodesSurface MountYESTechnologyZENERTerminal FinishTIN LEADTerminal FormFLATTerminal PositionSINGLETime@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s)NOT SPECIFIEDVoltage Tol-Max5 %Working Test Current2 mAAdditional FeatureGENERAL PURPOSE


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