Pin Header Plug 2.54mm Pitch Double Row Dual Insulator 40 way BB6J 5pcs MBD023c


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PCB Interconnection System


PCB Header Plug Double Row 2.54mm Pitch with dual insulators.

This listing is for 5 x 40 way connectors

 5 pieces

PCB interconnection system for making quick on board contact with multi-way circuits.

 Suitable for board to board stacking.

Additional insulator gives greater rigidity ensuring pin alignment and controls board space.

End to end stackable.

Easily Cut to desired length.

Double row of pins.

Gold plated.

Pin length:- shortest – 3mm to 1st insulator, middle – 12mm to 2nd insulator, top – 7mm above 2nd insulator

Superb quality

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