Premo Mains Filter IEC Input Socket 250VAC 3A 40'C OM0387H


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Premo Filtros Antiparasitos


Mains Filter IEC Chassis Mount input unit

250VAC 3A   

Temperature rating -25/+35’C

 IEC 3 pin plug connector to suit the standard IEC mains lead

 As used throughout the electronics industry to power all sorts of equipment – office, computer, domestic etc. etc.

 Internal connection at the back of the unit via 3 x 6mm faston spade or solder terminals. 

The units are panel mount screw fit via the front mounting flange.

Now discontinued current datasheet unavailable.

Product Information
Current Rating: 3AFilter Terminals: Faston spade/solder tagFilter Type: IEC, MainsVoltage Rating: 250V

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