RJ45 to 25 Way D Inter Series Adapter with Screw Locking Posts 3 PIECES OM0888


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MH Connectors MHDA 25-S-MJ8

 RJ45 to 25 Way D Inter Series Adapter

RJ45 Modular socket connector to 25 way D type socket.

You are buying 3 of these adapters here!

The RJ45 input socket has 8 gold plated pins,

it is connected via multi coloured wires within the shell to 8 gold plated socket pins,

 these will simply push and lock into the casing of the 25 way D type socket shell (pin position is user defined 8 positions being used 17 will remain empty).

The D type side has two locking thumbscrews, these will retain the D type and if necessary lock the adapter into a mating D socket. 

For datasheet copy and paste:- http://www.datasheetarchive.com/dl/Scans-020/ScansEX17174.pdf

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