Rosenberger N Type to R/Angle Plug Habia Flexiform Cable 402 210mm 50Ohm OM0769


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Rosenberger Patch Lead

Straight N Plug to Right Angled N Plug Lead

210mm 50 Ohm Flexiform 402 NM HFI 100 coax cable

A high quality patch lead (210mm long) with a right angled N type plug with gold plated centre pin

To a straight N plug with gold plated centre pin and surround 

Utilising excellent quality Habia Flexiform coaxial cable (cable stays in the shape it is set to, see photographs) 

These come to us as part of a ‘surplus lot’ of stock from a large ‘milspec’ type communications Company

As they are not in original packaging we believe they may have been used and then retrieved for later use.

They are in very good condition with no damage to plugs or cable.

Habia Cable Flexiform 402 NM-HFI 100 for datasheet on this hi spec cable –

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