SAE CPH7000-72 Pin Wire Wrap Edge Connector with Lugs 0.1in Pitch OM0967H


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SAE – Stanford Applied Engineering 

California USA

72 Pin Gold Plated Edge Connector

With Long Wire Wrap Type Pins and Mounting lugs

0.1″ Pitch (2.54mm)

72 square profile wire wrap type gold plated pins (could solder wires directly to pins if necessary)

Each of the 36 PCB card edge connection slots has a top and bottom sprung contact to suit a double sided gold plated edge connector on a PCB approx 1mm thick

36 top and bottom entry points connected to 72 pins at the rear

Mounting lug at each end

Coded 3757 on the package label (project no.)

These came to us as part of a surplus lot of components from a large ‘milspec’ type OEM

They have been in storage for many years we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’ 

Stored with us still in their original packaging – see photograph’s above, they are as new and will work perfectly, you will receive your order carefully re-packed to protect pins etc. 

Overall length inc. mounting lugs 112mm

Length of slot into which card edge connector on PCB would fit 90mm

Length of pins at rear 16mm

Surplus Stock ?????

If you or your company has items similar to this, or indeed any electronic components that are surplus to requirements, please contact us – we are keen to extend our stock profile.

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