Samsung SPT1175ACS 8-BIT 20 MSPS CMOS A/D CONVERTER 24 Pin SOIC 1 piece OMA004


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24 Pin SOIC 

1 piece


 The SPT1175 is a CMOS two-step A/D converter capable of digitizing full scale analog input signals into 8-bit digital words at a sample rate of 20 MSPS.

 For most applications, no external sample-and-hold or video driving amplifiers are required due to the device’s narrow aperture time, wide bandwidth, and low input capacitance.

24 pin SOIC package as above

The listing header photograph shows the actual parts for sale, as they come in their tubes. You will receive a cut length of tube containing the quantity ordered.

These Samsung parts made under licence from Cadeka, for datasheet copy and paste..

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