Sanyee Miniature Slide Switch DPDT 3 Position 24×8.4×7.8mm 2 Pieces OM0550


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2 Pieces 

Good quality with silver plated pins and contacts

Double pole double throw, 3 position PCB mount.

DPDT = Double Pole  (Double throw is another way of specifying Change Over)

          = Double Throw (Moves twice giving 3 positions)

 So, switch function is as follows (looking at the switch pins from below)

Sanyee-Miniature-Slide-Switch-DP2T-3-position-PCB-24x8-4x7-8mm-5-Pieces-OM0550SEE LARGER DIAGRAM IN GALLERY ABOVE

When switch actuator is to the left, single pin top far left connects to the 3 pins directly below it ON Left

When actuator is in centre position all connections are OFF

When actuator is to the right, single pin bottom far right connects to the 3 pins directly above it ON Right

                    ON                                              OFF (Centre)                                    ON 

Turns on 3 circuits to the left                  All circuits off                  Turns on 3 circuits to the right

Metal enclosed with slotted actuator and 2 fixing screw holes tapped M2.

Suited to signal switching applications model making, model railway, electronic projects etc. etc.

Low voltage use only 12v – 24v etc.

Switch rating 250mA @ 50v (AC or DC)


8 silver plated solder pins to suit PCB mounting or direct solder to wire 

24mm Long x 8.4mm Wide and would sit approx 7.8mm up off the PCB

Slotted actuator lever 6.8mm long  4mm wide x 1.8mm thick, Slot required 10 x 2mm.

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