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Siemens CB15-Profibus Module
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The PROFIBUS Module (CB15/CB155) is a device that allows control of an inverter over a PROFIBUS-DP (SINEC L2-DP) serial bus. Features – Retains the ability to access the internal parameter set of the inverter (CB15 only). – Allows high speed cyclical communication over a PROFIBUS link. – Ability to control up to 125 inverters using the PROFIBUS-DP protocol. – Provides open communication conforming to all relevant aspects of DIN19245 Part 3. It may be used with any other PROFIBUS-DP/SINEC L2-DP peripheral on the serial bus. – Easy to install. – Easy to configure with proprietary Siemens COM ET 200 software (parameterisation disc included). – Output frequency (and hence motor speed) can be controlled by one of five methods: (1) Digital frequency setpoint. (2) Analogue setpoint (voltage or current input). (3) Motor potentiometer. (4) Fixed frequency. (5) Remote data transmission via the PROFIBUS link.
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