Siemens V23104-A1001-B101 Relay PCB Mount Non Latching 1.25A 5V DC I69A OLA1-23


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Siemens Relay

Part no. V23104-A1001-B101

PCB mount non latching relay through hole 1.25A 5Vdc

Product Details(This obsolete Siemens V23104 series was a unique product with no direct replacement available. The alternative solution is a module with two IM series relays fitted onto a PCB with pinning to match the MT4 standard

We have a limited stock of this obsolete part as new and still in original tube.

They are new but have been in storage for years (date code 9402?) we have therefore classified them as new other.

 Low power consumption

 Low magnetic interference

 Breakdown voltage: 1 000 VAC (surge voltage 1 500 V), FCC Part 68 conformable

 UL recognized (E73266), CSA certified (LR 46266)

 Lineup in non-latch, single-coil latch and double-coil latch types

 Lineup in minimum footprint (9.3 × 14.3), and high solder joint reliability (20 years) types

 Lineup in low profile type (hight : 6.5 mm), and Ultra-low profile (hight : 5.6 mm)


Electronic switching systems, PBX, key telephone systems, automatic test equipment and other electronic equipment.

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