Solid State Relay Plastic Cover Kit With Fixing Bolts etc OM357B


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Solid State Relay Plastic Cover Kit

1 kit per lot

Description:- A plastic cover to prevent shorting of contacts on solid state relays.

 To suit most makes and types, these sit neatly over the top of the relay.

 Included in the kit

1 x Plastic cover

1 x Long fixing bolt

1 x Short fixing bolt

1 x Spacing bush

Please Note:-

These come in to us loose packed, we believe they have been recovered from an electrical

 assembly there may be some signs of use i.e. the odd mark on the cover etc. but this will not interfere with 

their function, each kit will contain:- 1 x long bolt, 1 x short bolt, 1 x spacing bush, and 1 x cover.


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