Suhner/Habia RG223/U 50 Ohm TNC Plug to TNC Plug Lead 1200mm+ OM0793


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Cable and TNC plug manufacturer may vary but general specification will be the same.

High quality TNC Plugs ie. Suhner Rosenberger etc. 

Plus high spec. RG223/U 50 Ohm Cable eg. Suhner, Habia, Ericson AB TZC 500 25 or similar 

PLEASE NOTE:- We obtain these in batches, 1200mm length is the minimum length you will receive, depending on availability you may receive slightly longer

These are the most common and we will always have them in stock however if you have a special requirement re length please let us know, they can be available in lengths from 300mm to 1400mm.

These patch leads have been made to a very high standard, using high grade Habia/Ericsson/Suhner (or similar) cable and silver plated, gold pinned, right angled TNC plugs (Suhner/Radiall etc).

They have been retrieved after use in a hi end ‘Milspec’ type comms. company but are fully functional with no damage to cable or connectors ( a little cosmetic wear may be evident ).

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