Swivel Castors Screw in suit Office Computer Chairs 2 locking 1 Set of 4 OM0681


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Furniture Castors

 Swivel Type

2 lockable, – with foot switch

– ideal for office or home use, very sturdily made, come complete with large screw in fixing to suit wooden furniture ie. legs of chairs, tables, cupboards etc.  

Set of 4

Recent feedback from a very happy customer who used these to repair a number of expensive computer suite chairs at a local school,

” we levered the old broken castors off the locking pin beneath, easily done with an ordinary screwdriver, and yours were an exact fit to the pin, with an extra push they locked into place, several expensive chairs (being consigned to the skip) were given a new lease of life, – great item thanks again ” 

40mm Diameter wheel

Outer width of bracket 17mm

 Please note! – If using these to fit to an item of furniture a suitable pilot hole would need to be drilled to recieve the threaded coach type bolt to which the castor is push fitted, the furniture to which these were fitted would be approx 50mm taller.

Complete with fittings:

ie. 4 x coach bolt type threaded screws (thread 40mm long x 6.5mm in Diameter on to which the castor pushes and clicks)

Strengthening bracket and even a small fitting spanner, (a larger spanner would be required to screw in to some pieces of furniture).   

very good quality, if a greater quantity required, click on more lots, in the number of items required, box 

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