Texas Instruments TDC25M2CP (25m2c) Dual Low Power Low Voltage Op Amp OM0200


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Texas Instruments TDC 25M2CP Texas Instruments TLC25M2CD

(These tubed SOIC chips are marked TI 25M2C)

Dual Op Amp Integrated Circuit 

1 Piece

The 25M2C is a low-cost, low-power dual operational amplifier

designed to operate with single or dual supplies.

These devices utilize the Texas Instruments

silicon gate LinCMOS process, giving them stable input offset voltages that are available in selected grades

of 2, 5, or 10 mV maximum, very high input impedances, and extremely low input offset and bias currents.

Because the input common-mode range extends to the negative rail and the power consumption is extremely

low, this series is ideally suited for battery-powered or energy-conserving applications. The series offers

operation down to a 1.4-V supply, is stable at unity gain, and has excellent noise characteristics.

Texas Instruments
Product Category:  Operational Amplifiers – Op Amps
Mounting Style:  SMD/SMT
Package/Case:  SOIC-8
Number of Channels:  2 Channel
Supply Voltage – Max:  16 V
GBP – Gain Bandwidth Product:  525 MHz
SR – Slew Rate:  0.4 V/us
Vos – Input Offset Voltage:  10 mV
Supply Voltage – Min:  1.4 V
Minimum Operating Temperature:  0 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:  + 70 C
Ib – Input Bias Current:  60 pA
Operating Supply Current:  105 uA
Shutdown:  No Shutdown
CMRR – Common Mode Rejection Ratio:  65 dB to 91 dB
en – Input Voltage Noise Density:  32 nV/sqrt Hz
Series:  TLC25M2
Packaging:  Tube
Amplifier Type:  Low Power Amplifier
Height:  1.58 mm
Input Type:  Rail to Rail
Length:  4.9 mm
Product:  Operational Amplifiers
Supply Type:  Single
Technology:  LinCMOS
Width:  3.91 mm
Brand:  Texas Instruments
Operating Supply Voltage:  1.4 V to 16 V
Pd – Power Dissipation:  725 mW
Product Type:  Op Amps – Operational Amplifiers
Vcm – Common Mode Voltage:  Negative Rail – 0.2 V to Positive Rail – 1 V
Voltage Gain dB:  104.61 dB
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For full data sheet copy and paste:- http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/405/slos002i-257111.pdf

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