Texas SN75173J Quad Differential Line Receiver Milspec Ceramic DIP16 OM0020e


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Texas SN75173J

Quadruple Differential Line Receiver Military Spec.

Ceramic 16 Pin Dip 

 1 Piece 


Meet or Exceed the Requirements of
TIA/EIA-422-B, TIA/EIA-423-B, and
TIA/EIA-485-A and ITU Recommendations
V.10, V.11, X.26, and X.27

Designed for Multipoint Bus Transmission
on Long Bus Lines in Noisy Environments

3-State Outputs

Common-Mode Input Voltage Range of
–12 V to 12 V

Input Sensitivity … ±200 mV

Input Hysteresis . . . 50 mV Typ

High Input Impedance . . . 12 kΩ Min

Operate From Single 5-V Supply

Low Power Requirements

Pin-to-Pin Replacement for AM26LS32

Operating Temperature Range(C) 0 to 70
No. of TX 0
Rating Military
Common Mode Range -7 to 12
Signaling Rate(Max)(Mbps) 10
Fault Protection(V) -10 to 15
Isolated No
Package Group PDIP
Supply Voltage(s)(Nom)(V) 5
Approx. Price (US$) 0.94 | 1ku
Number of Nodes 32
No. of RX 4
Duplex N/A
Fail Safe Open
ICC(Max)(mA) 70

For  datasheet copy and paste:- http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/sn55173.pdf

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