Transwitch TXC-02050-AIPL MRT Device 6-8-34-Mbit/s PLCC44 1 piece OMA020


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MRT Device 6-, 8-, 34-Mbit/s Line Interface

44 Pin PLCC 

1 piece


MRT Device 6-, 8-, 34-Mbit/s Line Interface TXC-02050 +5V Equalization and rate LOS/LOC AIS control control 6-,8-,34-Mbit/s Line Interface MRT Operating rate reference frequency 6,8,34 Mbit/s transmit bipolar data 6,8,34 Mbit/s receive Error rate clock reference bipolar data 10-6 error rate indication Clock & data NRZ or P, N rail Clock & data LINE SIDE TERMINAL SIDE 

The TranSwitch Multi-rate Receive/Transmit (MRT) device is a CMOS VLSI device that provides the functions needed for terminating two CCITT line rates, 8448 and 34368 kbit/s, and a 6312 kbit/s rate which is speci- fied in the Japanese NTT Technical Reference for High Speed Digital Leased Circuits.

 For 8448 and 34368 kbit/s operation, the MRT provides an optional HDB3 codec.

 The MRT is equipped with a receive equalizer circuit and AGC. 

The MRT also provides a rail or NRZ interface, HDB3 error rate monitor, alarm detection, and AIS generators.

 Testing capability is provided by transmit and receive loopbacks.

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