Zettler FS 60 Relay 60V Coil 2PNO Switching 10A/220V OM0357A


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Zettler ZA Relay

Type FS 60

60Vac Coil 2 Pole Normally Open 

Switching 10A/220Vac

Fernzet Fernschalter 10A 

Made in Germany

  2 Pole OFF/ON

These are as new, unused and still in original boxes but have been in storage for some time

Hence we have classified them as ‘new other’.

Unfortunately due to their age we have been unable to find any data on them

They are of a very robust design with beefy chromed screw down terminals. 


Height 32mm

Width 54mm 

Length 60mm

2 pole with 6 terminals (2 for the coil and 2 each for the 2 poles)

Un-activated both poles are open or OFF, when energised both are switched to ON 

2 fixing holes through the chassis.


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