Arrow MSA30-26 240V Coil DPNO OFF/ON Encased Vintage Relay OM0357


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Arrow Relay 

Type no. MSA30-26 

Made in England

240VAC Coil

  Double Pole Normally Open (DPNO)

When coil energised both poles switch from OFF to ON

These are new and unused but have been in storage for some time, unfortunately we can’t find any data on them they are of a very robust design with 6 beefy (1/4″spade) terminals.

The power rating is not known but these should handle up to 10 Amps easily  


Base 50 x 35mm

Height 54mm (not inc Faston contacts)

Width 35mm (not inc 10mm wide fixing lugs)

Marked MSA30-26 240V 50Hz

2 pole with 6 Faston 1/4″ spade terminals

Un energised both poles are OFF (connected to the 2 dummy terminals) when energised both are switched to ON 

Contact layout once Relay is Mounted:- 

Two poles one either side 3 spade terminals per side the bottom pair are the coil

For both poles when the relay is energised the relay contact arm “changes over” from being connected to the dummy terminal (no spade connector) where it can be regarded as OFF and is instead connected to the top spade terminal, as the contact arm is connected by the red wire to the middle spade terminal this is effectively the ON position.

See photographs above:

OFF – connected to dummy terminal (NO FINGER)

ON – connected to top spade terminal (FINGER COIL ENERGISED)

Encased in clear plastic cover.

Fixing lugs provided on base.


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