AVX 18125C474KAT1A Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 470nF 10% 50V 25 pieces OL0202


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AVX 18125C474KAT1A 

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

470nF 10% 50V

25 pieces

New surface mount parts

Taped and reeled

Manufacturer:AVXProduct Category:Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC – SMD/SMTCapacitance:0.47 uFVoltage Rating DC:50 VDielectric:X7RTolerance:10 %Case Code – in:1812Case Code – mm:4532Minimum Operating Temperature:- 55 CMaximum Operating Temperature:+ 125 CTermination Style:SMD/SMTProduct:General Type MLCCsBrand:AVXOperating Temperature Range:- 55 C to + 125 CPackage/Case:1812 (4532 metric)Temperature Coefficient/Code:+/- 15 %Type:Commercial Surface Mount Chip

For datasheet copy and paste:- 

Click to access cx7r.pdf

The first image above shows this type of  part as they are packed, ie. on the surface mount tape, the second is a photograph of the actual reel of 1800 pieces that we have in stock at time of listing. 

You will receive a section of surface mount tape cut from the original reel containing the quantity ordered.


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