BT 6P4C Plug to BT Socket+RJ11 Socket Adaptor 2 Pieces EBR62D-4


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2 Pieces


  • 1x BT Plug – 1x BT Socket / 1x ADSL Socket
  • T Shaped Adaptor

For sale here we have 2 Handy adaptors – useful for connecting RJ11 networking cables to standard BT phone sockets.

Without loosing the use of the original BT sockets.

The RJ11 connector is commonly found on fax machines, analogue dial-up modems and US-made telephones.

The signals carried by the cables are identical to that of a standard telephone. Only the connector used to 

plug into the socket is a different shape.

Connects an RJ11 plug to a standard BT socket.

Straight wired 4 contacts.

Please note: These are the 6P4C type ie 6 position 4 contacts see photographs, please ensure you require this type.

Enables connection of US phone leads to BT sockets.


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