Burgess BT 5A-4 Microswitch 5A 12Vdc Push Button Action SPCO OM0606D


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Made by Burgess Gateshead England for B.T.

To be used on the 700 series phones (now obsolete). These were originally meant to be supplied to Kenya but as a result of a cancelled contract have remained in storage for the last thirty years.

BT part no 5A-4, they have a special moulding which includes a ‘push in’ mounting bracket, this could be ignored or even removed if not required.

Push button action.

SPCO – Single pole changeover. 

3 Robust solder terminals already soldered to brown blue and grey 200mm wires, with ‘horseshoe’ type crimp terminals

The grey terminal at the bottom is the ‘common’ the blue terminal is open and the brown is closed.

Changeover operation on actuation, pushing button down changes over the ‘closed’ circuit.

Dimensions : 27mm long  16mm high  10mm wide. 

These are genuine vintage Burgess switches made by them for British Telecom. They were described to us as a 5Amp rated switch, working on the old 700 series of telephones which operated on 12Vdc, however we can find no datasheet to confirm this, and on comparing this switch to other Burgess ones we have, they look as if they should have a much higher handling capacity – possibly up to 10 even 15Amp. We recommend only competent electronics engineers purchase these so they can test and evaluate them prior to use, any feedback to us on their operating specifications would be very welcome.

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These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large distribution Co. and have been kept in storage for some time, they are however pristine, stored with us still in their original sealed packaging and ‘as new’ in all respects, the photographs are representative of their excellent condition, and, as with all our products they come with a full guarantee. 

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