Cable Mounting Cigar Lighter Socket Use With LED Lighting etc. OM0905C


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Single Socket

Suitable for 12 to 24Vdc car, boat and caravan electrical systems, these sockets provide a quality connection for any number of uses to power portable equipment. LED work lamps, flood lights, interior and exterior lighting for cars, vans, 4x4s, trailers, horseboxes, caravans, campervans, motorhomes and boats.

Simply add suitable cable and a cigar lighter plug and you can create an extension cable to your own required length and specification.

• Unfused socket type
• Integral strain relief boot

Cigar lighter sockets are most usually found in the dashboards of cars or other vehicles and they have two main purposes. Some used to feature a detachable heating element which was used as a lighter for cigars/cigarettes. Alternatively, and more usually these days they are used as a power socket and/or adapter to provide power to portable devices. This free cable mount cigar lighter socket is intended for use to power in-car accessories including….

12V LED Interior Strip Lights, LED Work & Flood Lamps, White LED Flexible Strips etc.

LED lighting out-performs traditional halogen lighting in almost every respect, giving equivalent or better light output whilst using a fraction of the power thanks to its extremely low current draw. They are much more efficient, much longer lasting (the lifespan of LEDs is typically 10,000 hrs +) and with no filament to break they can withstand knocks and vibration. Their low power consumption means that LED lights are rapidly becoming the standard in 12V systems where making the best use of the available stored battery energy is a priority.

Not suitable for use with the old detachable cigar lighter heater plugs.

Similar in concept to an automotive cigar lighter, the DIN 4165 connector is shorter and smaller than the Standard Cigarette Lighter Socket normally found in cars but for must not be used with the old cigar lighter heating element type plugs.


Gender Female
Current Rating 5A
Mounting Type Cable Mount
Colour Black
Housing Material Brass/Thermoplastic

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