Cambion 714-5278-02 DIN 41612 64 Way Double Extender PCB OM0967Q


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64 Way Double Sided DIN 41612

Double extender board plugs one end sockets the other

Dimensions 240 x 233 x 1.6mm

PC Compatible Prototyping or Extender Boards

Prototyping boards manufactured from epoxy glass material.

Card thickness is 1.6 mm.

Copper is 305 g/m (1 oz/ft).

DIN 41612 Edge connector pins and contacts are gold plated to a thickness unheard of today (these were manufactured in the early 80’s).

Extensions suitable for testing single – or double-height Eurocards, depth 160 or 220 mm, 2 row 64 way DIN 41612 connectors.

Attribute Value
Type Extender board
Connection DIN 41612
Number of Contacts 64
Base Material Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminate
Number of Sides 2
Dimensions 240 x 233 x 1.6mm
Copper Thickness 35µm
FR Material Grade FR4
Length 240mm
Thickness 1.6mm
Width 233mm

Supplied with 2 Aluminium side brackets and split pins to fix, (see Photographs).

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co.

They were manufactured by Cambion Electronic Products Ltd Sheffield England.

Possibly as long ago as the early 80’s but are sealed in original packaging and are in pristine condition.

We have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. 


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