Crompton Greaves ZQ 72 110V 45-55Hz Vibrating Reed Frequency Meter OM0244g


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Vibrating reed type frequency meter Type ZQ 72

Input Voltage 110V

Frequency range 45…..50…..55 Hz 


Housed in moulded polycarbonate cases

Suitable for the measurement of frequencies in the range of 45 to 55 Hz.
These instruments offer advantages in switchboard and Generating Set Panels.

A number of meters can be mounted in a single Cut out (Mosaic mounting).

Functional Principle

It is a mechanical resonance type frequency
meter which consists of an electromagnet and reeds.
This movement consists of a number of thin steel strips called reeds, fixed on a steel plate.

These reeds are placed in a row close to an electromagnet.

The coil of the electromagnet is connected across the supply,

whose frequency is to be measured, along with a series resistance,
mounted on the backside of the instrument.

Front Glass & Bezel & Dial can be easily replaced.

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