Danish Apple Mains Lead White 3 Pin Grounded Power Plug – Round Flange OL0588


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Danish Apple Power Lead in White

3 Pin Grounded

Used almost exclusively in Denmark & Greenland 

The Danish standard is described in DS 60884-2-D1. 

Unlike the similar type E plug, the grounding pin is not mounted in the receptacle, but it is on the plug itself. 

The U-shaped earthing pin is 14 mm long, 4 mm thick and has a 6.5 mm diameter. 

The line and the neutral pins are flattened and rounded in shape and set at an angle of approx 45′ they have a 4.8 mm diameter. T

hey are 19 mm in length and their centres are spaced 19 mm apart. 

The centre-to-centre distance between the earth pin and the middle of the imaginary line connecting the two power pins is 13 mm.

Please check photographs above to confirm you are buying the correct Type! 

Made by Longwell for the Apple Co.

10A 250V

Danish Plug marked LP-40   10A 250V

IEC Plug marked  Longwell LS13A  10A 250V 

Danish 3 pin grounded mains plug one end to an IEC 3 pin mains connector with a ROUND plastic flange the other.

Made to suit a number of Apple products, please verify you are purchasing the correct one for your equipment by comparing with the photographs above.

Some Apple products need a very similar lead but the power input connector has a RECTANGULAR flange (we stock these, contact us for details).

Approx 1.8m long the lead is made by Longwell for Apple in the distinctive Apple white (though IEC plug is grey).

These come to us as part of a bulk purchase of an assortment of Apple products all stored loosely in open bins

 they were unused spares and will work perfectly, but as stored openly they may have picked up the odd mark, as such we have classed them as “new other”.


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