Dell ADP-50HH REV.B 19V 2.64A PA-17 Family P/N RF449 Laptop Adapter OL0610


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Dell ADP-50HH REV.B Laptop Adapter19V 2.64A 100-240V 50-60Hz 
Dell P/N RF449 PA-17 Family
Please note:- these require a clover leaf power lead which is not included here. Both UK and USA versions are available from our Ebay shop at time of listing please search our shop or contact us if required.Unusually these have an octagonal power output jack plug on the end of the power lead which connects to the laptop please make sure this is suitable for your needs. It is octagonal on the outer part measuring 7mm outer diameter 5mm inner diameter a quick check of your old adapter (or the input socket on your laptop), will confirm this.

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