Din Audio Plug Connector 3 4 5 6 7 or 8 Pin 4 Part Easy Self Assembly EB46


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Select from the dropdown box the no. of ways required: 3, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pin

Please note: there are different configurations of pins in this series, depending on how many pins there are, for example you can get a 5 pin Din in 3 different arrangements and an 8 pin in 2 arrangements see diagrams below for the 5 and 8 pin types we have in stock, the 3,4,6 and 7 pin types we have, are all as standard.  
DIN 41524 / IEC/DIN EN 60130-9 types IEC-01 and IEC-02: 3-pin, 90°, 180°
DIN 41524 / IEC/DIN EN 60130-9 types IEC-03 and IEC-04: 5-pin, 45°, 180°Our 5 pin 180°4-pin, 72°, 216°   DIN 45322 / IEC/DIN EN 60130-9 types IEC-16, IEC-17, IEC-18, and IEC-19: 6-pin, 60°, 240° DIN 45326 / IEC/DIN EN 60130-9 types IEC-20 and IEC-21: 8-pin, 45°, 270° Our 8-pin, 45°, 270°

Please check the photographs which clearly show the pin arrangements for all these connectors.

IEC 60574-18: 8-pin, 45°/41°, 262°These come as a 4 part self assembly unit, very easy to put together.

Firstly push the cable being used through the rubber outer sleeve, next solder the individual wires to the tags at the rear of the central connector, Lastly assemble the 2 halves of the metal surround and slide rubber sleeve forward to secure.

An industry standard DIN Plug, made with a metal body insulated by a black PVC cover and an integral strain relief, (w
e also stock the din sockets to go with these – EB44 eBay item no. 252020531179 panel mount sockets and EB47 – eBay item no 252080262599 cable mount sockets).

This range of DIN plugs features a slide on flexible plastic body with integral strain relief and a PBT insulator with tin plated copper alloy contacts, they are robust and reliable, and suitable for various applications.

Features and Benefits:

• Connections are polarised eg. only 3 way plug with 3 way socket
• Withstand voltage 500V for 1 minute
• Contact resistance <30mΩ
• Cable entry diameter of 5mm

Insulated 3 to 8 pin black DIN plug

  • Straight orientation
  • Black PVC body material
  • 6mm cable diameter
  • Cable mounting
  • 15.2mm diameter
  • Ideal for MIDI cables etc.
  • Total Length 62mm
  • Diameter of metal shroud 13mm
  • Length of rubber strain relief part 26mm


These parts came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large distribution Co. and have been kept in storage for some time, we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’, they are however pristine, stored with us sealed in original packaging, the photographs are representative of their general condition, being of some of our actual stock, and, as with all our products they come with a full guarantee. 

If you have similar items to this, or indeed any electronic components that are surplus to requirements please contact us with details.


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