Elantec 2120CS 100 MHz Current Feedback Amplifier 8pin SOIC OMA041


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100 MHz Current Feedback Amplifier

8 Lead SOIC

General Description 

The EL2120C is a wideband current feedback amplifier optimized for video performance.

 Its 0.01% differential gain and 0.03 degree differential phase performance when at g5V supplies exceeds the performance of other amplifiers running on g15V supplies.

 Operating on g8 to g15V supplies reduces distortions to 0.01% and 0.01 degrees and below. 

The EL2120C can operate with supplies as low as g2.5V or a single a5V supply.

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They are stored with us still in their original tube (see photographs) and are absolutely ‘as new’.  Originally supplied to a large ‘Milspec ‘ type Co. these came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock.

Having been in storage for some years (they are date coded 0112A) we have classified them as ‘new other’.

What you see in the above photographs is what you will get

Status:  ‘New Other’  in perfect condition   


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