Hitachi HD63B03YP CMOS 2MHz 8 Bit Microprocessor DL64S 64 Pin DIP OMA037B


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Part no. HD63B03YP



2MHz CMOS 8 Bit Microprocessor 

64 Pin DIP Plastic Package

General informationTypeMicrocontrollerFamilyHitachi 630xMCU part numberHD63B03YP is an OEM/tray microcontrollerFrequency  ? 2 MHzPackage64-pin plastic DIPSocketDIP64Architecture / MicroarchitectureManufacturing processCMOS technologyPhysical memory64 KBLow power featuresHardware and software standby modesSleep modeOn-chip peripheralsSerial communications interface (synchronous and asynchronous)24 parallel I/O lines16-bit programmable timer8-bit timerOn-chip RAM256Electrical / Thermal parametersV core  ? 3V – 5.5VMinimum/Typical/Maximum power dissipation0.03 Watt (Sleep mode) / 0.07 Watt / 0.11 WattNotes on Hitachi HD63B03YPInstruction set compatible with HD6301V1Speed (frequency) and power dissipation values are for 5V ± 10% power supply.

These genuine Hitachi parts came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock, purchased from a large OEM, they may have been in storage for a while (the date code appears to be 0H1T) but they are absolutely as new and are stored with us still in their original tubes and box.

Purchasers will receive their chip (‘s) correctly packed in anti static packaging.


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