Toshiba TD62308BP Darlington Transistor Array NPN PNP Quad 16-Pin P DIP OMA037F


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Part no. TD62308BP

Date code. 9040K


The TD62308BP is a non−inverting transistor array which is comprised of four NPN darlington output stages and PNP input stages. This device is a low level input active driver and is suitable for operation with TTL, 5 V CMOS and 5V Microprocessor which have sink current output drivers. Applications include relay, hammer, lamp and stepping motor drivers. 

These genuine Toshiba parts came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock, purchased from a large OEM, they may have been in storage for a while (the date code appears to be 9040K) but they are absolutely as new and 
are stored with us in their original tubes and outer Toshiba box.

Purchasers will receive their chip (‘s) correctly packed in anti static packaging.

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