RS 709-OPA 305-254 LM709CN General Purpose Mono Op Amp 14 pin DIL OM0027


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RS 709 OPA 

Old RS part no. 305-254 (now obsolete_

Commercial part no LM709CN 

General Purpose Monolithic Operational Amplifier, DIP14, 378

1 piece

Integrated Circuit – Date Code 7705

LM709 Operational Amplifier General Description

 The LM709 series is a monolithic operational amplifier intended for general-purpose applications. Operation is completely specified over the range of voltages commonly used for these devices. The design, in addition to providing high gain, minimizes both offset voltage and bias currents. Further, the class-B output stage gives a large output capability with minimum power drain.

External components are used to frequency compensate the amplifier. Although the unity-gain compensation network specified will make the amplifier unconditionally stable in all feedback configurations, compensation can be tailored to optimize high-frequency performance for any gain setting. The LM709C is the commercial-industrial version of the LM709. It is identical to the LM709 except that it is specified for operation from 0’C to +70’C.

If your restoring a piece of equipment and you want it to look authentic and “true to the period” 

We guarantee these are vintage R.S. parts dated 7705

Date coded from the 70’s these are as new, and will function perfectly, they are still in original RS packaging.

Now obsolete for datasheet on LM709CN copy and paste:-

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