Engel & Gibbs Relay MC2 240VAC Coil 2P CH/OVER Uncased OM0355B


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Engel & Gibbs Ltd

 Relay MC2 

240VAC Coil

  2 Pole Change over

These are new and unused but have been in storage for some time, they are of a very robust design with beefy solder tag terminals (these are silvered and due to their age may be tarnished- an application of cleaning fluid renders them “as new”). 

From their design and size of contacts it would be fair to assume these will handle up to 10 Amps but purchasers should test them prior to use to satisfy themselves of the current they will handle. 

Contact layout:- two poles one either side, with two contacts for the coil, when it is actuated the centre contact changes over from the front contact to the back – on both poles.

Uncased (no plastic cover over the coil). 


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