Gaine SC071-0-0-14L Flexible PTFE Cable Conduit Tidy 1m x 14mm Int Diam. OLU5-02


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Flexible PTFE Conduit/Cable Tidy 1m lengths x 20mm(internal diameter) Black, Perforated every 30mm.
Manufactured by GaineType no SC071-0-0-14L

We are offering for sale 1m lengths of 20mm internal diam. PTFE conduit perforated with a small hole every 30mm.

If you order more than 1 lot you will receive the conduit in a complete length. i.e:  If quantity purchased is 3, you will receive a non-cut 3m length. Maximum Length is 20m

We can’t find any specific data on this conduit, however the reels are marked PTFE so the temperature range should be excellent.  

Thanks for looking.


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