General Semi ZM4743A-07 Zener Diode 13V MELF DO 213AB OM0182K 5 Pieces


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General Semi Zener Diode 


Taped and reeled 

Package style – MELF DO-213AB (glass)

5 pieces

General Description.

• Silicon planar power Zener diodes

 • For use in stablilizing and clipping circuits with high power rating

 • Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ± 5 % • 

You will receive a section of surface mount tape cut from the original reel containing the quantity ordered.

The first image above shows the parts as they are packed, ie. on the surface mount tape, the second is a photograph of the actual reel of 1200 pieces that we have in stock at time of listing.

For Vishay (G.S. no longer available) datasheet copy and paste:-

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